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~Old file...Monster Live Tour 2009!

Quick post! :) Kinda busy! Nihongo is taking some time...lots of shukudai! >< 

Yeah, I just thought that I already shared everything I could, but, then uruwashigur asked to upload "The Monster" Live Tour...so, the links!!

Just a reminder, the quality is not the best, specially disc 1, but I just converted the dvd to my personal use...but it's not thaaaaaat bad! :P

The Monster Live Tour 2009Collapse )

As always, use HJSplit to join the files! :) And again, if you're taking this, just don't repost and/or claim these as yours, ok?! ^^
Any problem with the links, just send me a pm or leave a comment.

And...this is the last sharing post for now...maybe I'll be back in march...when Tower of Wish Tour will be released! :D Already preoredered mine! \o/ But still need to finish watching EXILE TRIBE!! ;) Finally I received my copy, after more than a month waiting...and I can say that it really worths buying this! *___* JSB is just awesome...both nidaime and sandaime! 

That's all people! Enjoy! See ya! 
And now I'll be back to my shukudai....


So, I'm not sure but I think I've posted all EXILE related files that I can share!! :D
Now I'm here to share some making of PVs, as requested by luna146 ! Some are pretty old, from Catchy Best, others are not that old, from Ai Subeki Mirai e.
Didn't had time to test all the links, but any problem with the links or the files, just tell me! 

Here, the links! ;D

From Catchy BestCollapse )

From Ai Subeki Mirai eCollapse )

Splitted files need to be joined with HJSplit! ;)

And please, don't claim this as yours, ok?! These files were ripped from my own copies and this time, I had so many troubles to convert the files, as my dvd drive is not working!! =p
Enjoy it! ^^

Trying this LJ app

Wow! 6 months passed since my last post! o___o
I'll try to update LJ, but not now! I'm just testing this LJ app for my android! :p
See ya later! ;)

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~Sharing some dvds ;)

And maybe this is the last post of the year!! 
So, Merry xmas and a great 2011!! 

I'm lazy and busy to write now, so, I'm just posting to share some files...

My copy of FANTASY LIVE TOUR finally arrived, after almost a month waiting!!! 
To tell you the truth, it's not my favorite live tour, but it's better than the last one...and I need to say that I envy those fans on Angel performance... *___*

FANTASY LIVE TOUR 2010Collapse )
EDIT: File 002 reuploaded here. But MF link is now working too...

And, as fight_nippon asked some days ago, I'm sharing EXILE EVOLUTION DVD too! Just the best tour ever!! 
For these, the quality is not that good...I just uploaded the file I've converted long times ago!!! I can try uploading a better version, as soon as I can...but I won't promise!!! ;)


Again, if you're taking this, just don't repost and/or claim these as yours, ok?! ^^ It took me a great time to convert and upload these files!!
Any problem with the links, just send me a pm or leave a comment.

Enjoy it!! 


Just some updates about my boring life! =P

Aah life...why so hard?! I'm almost getting crazy with all these things...*sighs*
All right, I won't nag too much today...xD So, let's talk about good things!

Great single, but the photo card...Collapse )

Books, movie, musical...Collapse )

Awesome...^^Collapse )

~Aah, this post is way too long...sorry about that!! Now is time to make some real life stuffs...
See ya! ;)

After a loong time...

Whoa, exactly 3 months has passed since my last post!! I've been so busy since then, and didn't had time to post my random things!!

Ok...here we go!

So, it's over!Collapse )

Tomorrow we'll visit a pharmaceutical industry...need to wake up earlier than normal...>< Mom is nagging at me, saying that I need to sleep...and clean my room ¬¬" It's not time to do this kind of thing, it's almost midnight!! 

Anyway...other than this, my life was normal as always...spent free time with friends, slept and ate a lot whenever I could...didn't watch the dramas I wanted to watch (thanks to my laziness)...spent lots of money buying magazines (thanks to Arashi and EXILE)...talking about Arashi and EXILE, I'm really waiting for both to release live tour dvds! ;D

Aaaah!! And I spent some money buying the ticket to go to Black Eyed Peas' concert!!! Yaaaaaaaaay~!! Can't wait for november 4th!! =D

Ah, totally random but tonight I got surprised when I recieved a message saying that my half sister was adding me in orkut... o.O I wasn't expecting this! But, somehow, I feel happy about it! :)

So, gotta go...clean my room and go to sleep! ;) 
See ya!


Special day!! ^^

Just posting to say:

Happy b-day carolinacak !!!! Yaay~!! 

*bear hugs*

Wish you all the best...always!! ;) Lots of fun, health, money, love...and arashi! xD LOL

Let's celebrate!! I still need to buy your present!! >< You know, final exams are coming and my life is a mess... :(
Thanks for everything, my dear!! You're my best friend, like a sis to me, and you know that!! ;)

Luv yaaa!! ♥

PS: Sorry, I'm sleepy and lazy to post!! >< But I'll write you a letter, I promise!! Hehe!! 

Toy Story 3!!!

Aaaaawww, watched Toy Story 3 last night!!!! It's sooo funny!! And cute!!! So many toys I had when I was a kid...it was so nostalgic!! I won't spoil too much, as I'm really lazy to write!! xD But there's Totoro!! 8D And the green peas are so cute, I know I've already seen them, but I don't remind where...me and my great memory..¬¬"
Anyway, Toy Story 3 is awesome, laughed a lot, I didn't laughed like that since a long time...I reccomend!!!
And at cinemark, we could take a picture as a gift from a new ice cream flavor...the ice cream was soo delicious, and the photo was great!! ;D

Oh, and today Brazil will play against Côte d'Ivoire...the game is just at 15:30, and there's already too much noise...it's 12:00 and people is already making noises with vuvuzelas or whatever it's called!!! This is really making me nervous!!! ><  It's unbelievable how the country stops to watch Brazil's game!! On tuesday, before the game, the traffic was so intense...everybody stopped their works, schools didn't had classes at afternoon...maybe this things only happens here in Brazil...¬¬" I can't even imagine how it'll be on 2014, when the Brazil will host the World Cup...and I still have some hope that Sao Paulo will be one of the host cities...there's no way that the biggest city of the country will be out of the World Cup!!! It's insane!! Anyway...go Brazil!! ;D Let's win today!!

Just to finish the entry...someone's b-day is coming, nee~ carolinacak ?! Let's celebrate!! ;D
Time to share again! =p

I know this may be a little bit late, but...anyway!! =p

Sharing my DVD rip of the final concert from The Monster Live Tour!! It's the 3rd disc from Ai Subeki Mirai E album...Fireworks live is great! *__* maybe this was the reason why I bought this album...

I did this only for my personal use (as always) but I hope you enjoy it! ^^
Ok, here we go!!


I'll just ask that you don't repost neither claim this as yours! Converting and uploading this file took me some time...^^ Thanks!!

Time to share...

Posting just to share these files that I've uploaded, as a request from frezeus ...some EXILE PVs!

They're all ripped from my own copies...I'm not that good in converting files, but I can assure that the quality is quite good!! (Maybe MQ?!) xD Hehe...

Right, here are the links...I uploaded PVs from Catchy Best and Ai subeki mirai e....for those who don't know which PVs are featured on these dvds, here's the list:

From Catchy Best...Collapse )

From Ai Subeki Mirai E...Collapse )

That's it...ah if you're taking this, just don't repost and/or claim these as yours, ok?! ^^ It took me some time to convert and upload these files...but hope you enjoy it!!! =D